Update-Log | 03.12.2019 | 06:00 o'Clock

Update Log from 03.12.2019 - 06:00 o'Clock

  • Weektime added. (/weektime [NAME] for Co-/Leaders)
  • You now can register or unregister your private vehicle
  • ATM markers are now invisible
  • You no longer can turn on/off a bycicle's engine
  • You now can defuse a bomb, even if the previous defuser died.
  • Cabs respawn now after 5 minutes inactivity
  • You will now get a message if you have 15 STVO's (Traffic Violation Points)
  • Gang transports will now get destroyed after 30 minutes of not being delivered
  • Flags will now be delivered back to previous base after not being delivered
  • Ballas Drugtransport now got a start message
  • You no longer cant respawn faction vehicles with the click system
  • Plantsystem counter works now correctly again
  • Weapontransport message of the terrorists got adjusted
  • ST and DT max speed got adjusted
  • Fuel prices will now change every 4 hours
  • Housesystem got reworked
  • FBI skins got adjusted
  • Army leader skin got adjusted
  • Army Leader Skin überarbeitet
  • Spelling mistake in Fire Department rank fixed


  • You now only can attack, if at least 3 Players got less than 15 minutes jailtime
  • Every factions got 4 attacks per day. Every other attack costs 50k. 25% of the costs go to the attacked faction
  • Gangwar Vehicle will no longer get destroyed
  • If a driver enters a Gangwar (/teilnehmen) every passenger will enter the gangwar too
  • Temporary removed the gangfight system
  • 5 gangwar areas got removed

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