Application for Ballas

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    Personal data

    In-game data

    Group History


    General questions

    Strengths and weaknesses

    final movement

    Personal data



    Hobbies: MTA - Computer games

    In-game data

    Gamertag: Rayen.

    Hours of play: I'm new at Xtreme

    Cirriculum vitae

    Hi . I'm new in Xtreme but I 'm playing at other reallife server. I'm in here for my friend

    Group History

    List here all your former factions and the rank you have achieved in them. (Only new server) !!

    I don't have.


    Car [ ]

    Helicopter [ ]

    Gun license [ ]

    General questions

    Why do you want to join the RHB Ballas?

    -Because I want

    Why should we pick you up?

    -Because I have aim and im active all of the day.

    What do you want to achieve with us?

    -Because I think here is for me.

    Strengths and weaknesses

    Tell us your strengths and your weaknesses.

    + Aim + Active + Driving skills

    -Lag -Fps -Angry

    Final movement

    Thank you for reading my application,