Bewerbung zum Terroristen.

  • Dear leaders, dear members of the terrorists,

    with this post I am applying for a place as a member of the terrorists.

    Table of contents

    Real-life data

    Ingame data

    Strengths + / Weaknesses -

    Ingame History [Optional]


    Final sentence


    Real-life data:

    First name:Enes


    Location [Optional]:Turkey


    Ingame data:


    Hours played:


    Faction history:


    Strengths + / Weaknesses -



    +Driving skills

    -Can't talk deutsch

    -Sometimes being angry

    -Rifle Aim


    Ingame history:

    I played Xtream in 2014 or 2013 in Zivilist. I was 13-11 years old. So i was so kid and didint know anything about the server and rules.

    So everyone hated me in the game. Because I didin't know deutsch and i was kid. I was respectless.

    Until this year. I learned everything about Krieg-Fraction's rules and what is this fractions can do.

    I've reached enough maturity. Now I changed. I have respects and infos.

    I learned rules and How you can talk w my leaders - brothers. I joined to Angels Of Death because of there had Turkish leaders.

    I was lucky because of that. I learned something on this fraction but it wasn't enough. I left from AoD and joined to SF-Rifa

    I reached to Rang 3. I played many months in SF-Rifa. But can't learn enough infos-rules because I was kid and didin't know much english.

    But I'm now 16 and I've reached enough maturity. Let's see what will happen in this new server.


    If a person doesn't has respect. He can't reach any respect by his around



    Why should we consider you instead of another applicant?

    Because im being active and I have aim and I listen my leaders directions.

    I never lose my respect for leaders.

    Give us two reasons why we should take you?

    ...I have aim and I'm being active for +7hrs

    How did you become aware of the faction (if it was through a member) please tag him.

    I saw this fraction in the Xtreme Reallife's forum

    Final sentence:

    A friendly smile is always being effective :)

    Hope to be in Terroristen. :)

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