Bewerbung zum Terroristen.

  • Dear leaders, dear members of the terrorists,
    with this post I am applying for a place as a member of the terrorists.

    Table of contents
    Real-life data
    Ingame data
    Strengths + / Weaknesses -
    Ingame History [Optional]
    Final sentence


    Real-life data:

    First name:Enes
    Location [Optional]:Turkey


    Ingame data:

    Hours played:
    Faction history:


    Strengths + / Weaknesses -

    +Driving skills

    -Can't talk deutsch
    -Sometimes being angry
    -Rifle Aim


    Ingame history:

    I played Xtream in 2014 or 2013 in Zivilist. I was 13-11 years old. So i was so kid and didint know anything about the server and rules.
    So everyone hated me in the game. Because I didin't know deutsch and i was kid. I was respectless.
    Until this year. I learned everything about Krieg-Fraction's rules and what is this fractions can do.
    I've reached enough maturity. Now I changed. I have respects and infos.
    I learned rules and How you can talk w my leaders - brothers. I joined to Angels Of Death because of there had Turkish leaders.
    I was lucky because of that. I learned something on this fraction but it wasn't enough. I left from AoD and joined to SF-Rifa
    I reached to Rang 3. I played many months in SF-Rifa. But can't learn enough infos-rules because I was kid and didin't know much english.
    But I'm now 16 and I've reached enough maturity. Let's see what will happen in this new server.
    If a person doesn't has respect. He can't reach any respect by his around



    Why should we consider you instead of another applicant?
    Because im being active and I have aim and I listen my leaders directions.
    I never lose my respect for leaders.

    Give us two reasons why we should take you?

    ...I have aim and I'm being active for +7hrs

    How did you become aware of the faction (if it was through a member) please tag him.
    I saw this fraction in the Xtreme Reallife's forum

    Final sentence:

    A friendly smile is always being effective :)

    Hope to be in Terroristen. :)

  • Do you want him in the terrorists ? 3

    1. Ja / Yes (3) 100%
    2. Nein / No (0) 0%
    3. Enthaltung / abstaining (0) 0%

    We are always very happy when people are interested in the terrorists, I see you put a lot of effort into it. Currently we can't start any votes and we won't accept anyone until the beta phase starts. However, we thank you for your interest and would like to ask you to be patient !

    Votes seem to work now !

    Yours sincerely


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